Microsoft Outlook App for iPhone: Office 365

iphone-410324__180With the advance of office 365 into the corporate world, and the marketplace dominance of the iPhone, the two are bound to meet. Up until recently when faced with assisting business users with adding their office 365 email onto their iPhone, I would go through the tried and true method of adding the exchange account through the email settings.

Lack of features and familiarity aside, the native iPhone email app was not always the most intuitive for users to navigate through the setup menus. These days’ iPhone users are much more familiar with the ‘app store’. When I found that iPhone had an Outlook app, I quickly installed it to sync with my Office 365 account, and was glad I did!

Free and easy to use! Setup was a breeze, simply enter your email address and password, no server setup required. Outlook Mobile does a great job syncing with Office 365, atomically creating your folder list and inbox rules.   I have found the app much more instinctive to use, and believe the average end user will agree. The features and layout are intuitive… swiping for options, holding to select all, easily archiving and transferring emails between folders, plus a host of other features; like how-about the ability to easily add a One Drive, Drop Box, Google Drive or Box account? This App makes it easy to do, allowing you to quickly add documents to emails increasing productivity.

All of these features combined with the familiar layout make your iPhone more akin to how Outlook behaves on your desktop, however the best feature for this support center analyst, is the easy of the setup! I highly recommend giving the Outlook mobile app a try. Head over to your app store and search it out, its free after all!

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