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Outlook for Android: Outlook Mobile not just for Windows Phones Anymore

Outlook for Android: Outlook Mobile not just for Windows Phones Anymore

With the large market share that Google has with its Android based smart phones and tablet's, Microsoft had to port the Outlook mobile app to this platform or risk loosing users to Gmail and Google Apps.

The beta of Outlook for Android came out earlier this year. I installed it right away and used it for a few weeks. There were some early issues that caused me to go back to the stock email client however it is now officially out of beta. You can obtain Outlook for Android through the Play store for free.

Once you download it setting up an account is very easy, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Once installed you will notice a few notable things:


The user interface is intuitive and visually pretty nice. It creates icons for the sender's name or from the beginning of the subject. One additional feature is that email is organized in conversation mode. If you haven't used conversation mode in the past you will either love it or not like it at all. If you love it you can also turn this feature on in your desktop Outlook.

The calendar is also quite nice if you are used to the Outlook calendar, it is very similar. Things like meeting requests are very nice to have on your mobile.

Outlook Mobile has "Focused Inbox", a feature that tries to keep relevant "real" email in focus and places other email into other inbox views. I found that this works very well, rarely did something "relevant" end up in other views.

In the inbox you can swipe messages right or left to archive or delete them. Searching worked well.

If you are an Outlook email user who has an Android smartphone you should download Outlook Mobile and test it out, you may find you like it a lot better than the in-built mail app. on Android.

Happy emailing!

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