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Personalize Automated Emails in Dynamics CRM

Personalize Automated Emails in Dynamics CRM

email-graphic Do you send automated emails to your customers, but want to make them more personal?  You can personalize automated emails in Dynamics CRM by creating workflows that send on behalf of CRM users.  For example, an admin can configure a workflow to send an email on behalf of the customer's sales rep when the customer’s contract is about to expire.  This not only helps an automated email seem more personal, but also enables the customer to reply directly to a human.  Additionally, you might find this useful for internal business processes.  For example, an admin can configure a workflow that sends an email on behalf of a user when they complete a task that was assigned to them by another department.

By default, CRM users are configured to not allow emails to be sent on their behalf.  You can help configure this setting for your end users with one of two methods:

  • Instruct end users to modify their personal options by selecting “Yes” for “Allow other Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to send emails on your behalf":

  • Your admin can modify this option for all end users or they can contact a Developer for assistance.  To do this, your Admin can utilize an available third party solution, such as the XRMtoolkit.  A Developer can alternatively create a specific tool for your organization using the CRM SDK.

Furthermore, your admin can modify the security roles to prevent anyone from disabling their personal option.  Note that this change will also prevent end users from modifying any of their personal options.  Use your best judgment on what makes most sense for your organization.

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