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Q – Why should I replace my Windows 2003 server?!?!?

A – Because it’s Windows 2003… I repeat – 2003!! as in 12 years old…

I could write a whole tale about support, compliance, security and all the (well known) reasons to get current but… let’s face it – it’s old as dirt and dangerous too. Gaping security holes, no expert help around if you need it (and, at that age, you will need help!), not compatible with lots of apps and also just slower.

Microsoft’s biggest competitor is it’s own software. I hear – “Office 2007 works like a charm – why upgrade???” I get that one – it’s only office and it still writes a great word doc or a nicely capable spreadsheet. BUT – we are talking about a server operating system  here. Not something you are writing basic text or simple reports and colorful slides for the next dog and pony show. Your server, as the technology heart of your business, needs to be up to date.

If you don’t pay attention to your network it will soon stop paying attention to you. And that’s just not acceptable.

This pending dinosaur doomsday presents the opportunity to move to the cloud. At Beringer we have a a huge group of clients using these kinds of obsolete or sunsetting products as the reason and motivation to do just that. The cloud; fixed price, no infrastructure, latest version of everything, update-to-date security – lots of good reasons.

However, I do still have a handful of clients holding out. Have to make some calls… Should you be on that list? If you are contact us or call us 800-796-4854