Why is Ruckus Wireless meshing interesting to enterprises?

Ruckus Wireless has really made wireless meshing enterprise grade by solving several issues. The first one is ease of use. IT staffs no longer have to be radio frequency experts. Other wireless access points need significant configurations to be made. With Ruckus you check a box in the web user interface and the mesh will form automatically without anything else being required to configure. Guess work is taken out of enterprise deployments.

Another problem resolved by using Ruckus is having reliable connections between the root access points and the mesh access points, which is the building block of mesh wireless networks. Without it you truly do not have a wireless mesh created. With the Beam Flex technology smart antenna built into every access point, Ruckus forms a virtual wire in the air across all access points. If anything changes in the air such as noise interference or any dynamic environment changes, the antenna changes connectivity patterns to make a rock solid reliable connection and not compromising connectivity. This is how Ruckus Wireless has made its wireless solutions viable to enterprises!

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