Sales reps still needed in age of CRM and marketing automation

Technology has come a long way in recent years, offering automated solutions that complete tasks once handled by employees. This has been the case regarding customer relationship management suites, marketing automation tools and sales representatives. A CMSWire report, however, asserted that sales reps are still the ones who seal the deal with prospective clients, rather than any type of software.


Lisa Clark, a writer for CMSWire, cited industry research detailing the pressure sales reps face today. Roughly 70 percent of data required to close a purchasing decision is available to the buyer before a sales rep even enters the meeting room, meaning such employees have only minutes to highlight their company’s value before communicating.


“The well intentioned idea behind automation is that if we only could adopt a systems view to sales, and squeeze greater efficiency out of the process – efficiency in the form of automation – we’d never miss an opportunity, driving higher close rates and revenue,” Clark explained.


However, Clark admitted sales reps are the ones making quotas and converting prospects into clients. There appears to be a lack of effective tools available to these employees, going by some important statistics. A Forrester study found only 36 percent of buyers believe meetings with salespeople fulfill their expectations and are valuable to their firms.


Clark’s own organization analyzed 240,000 responses and discovered more than a third of sales reps are unprepared for making calls, even personnel with extensive training.


This lack of preparation results in immense challenges for sales reps. A CSO Insights report found nearly 60 percent of salespeople do not make quota, Clark reported.


How the right tool makes all of the difference
Rather than relying too heavily on software and automation to close deals, businesses should strongly consider supporting the workforce with the best in-class CRM solutions available. Tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows sales reps – whether they are located in the office or in the field – to have the most recent data available at all times. Now personnel will be prepared for making client calls and attending face-to-face meetings by having this level of information accessibility. Content such as year-over-year and year-to-date sales can be viewed quickly and easily through Internet-connected devices like laptops, tablets and even smartphones.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helps sales reps access open order histories, which are products that haven’t shipped. They can use the system to identify what the hold up is and use this information to make progress by communicating with the client. Personnel are able to view what products companies are buying and from which vendors to determine if their service providers can offer better deals – content not available with traditional tools like Excel.


Another attractive trait of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and many other Microsoft tools in general – is that these solutions work together with other products such as Office, SharePoint, Outlook and of course Windows, among others. Businesses already relying on these products can experience even greater functionality if they incorporate Microsoft Dynamics CRM into the fold.


Make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM today
Your company should give sales reps the tools to perform their jobs like never before. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be that solution to turn prospects into long-lasting clients for years to come by delivering relevant and updated data around the clock. If your business is planning a CRM implementation, contact Beringer Associates to achieve a smooth and successful deployment from day one.


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If your workforce is failing to meet quotas, attract new clients and support existing ones, it is time to consider other options. The benefits of software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM are truly what can set your business apart from the competition in the long run. Let us help your organization experience the difference with a modern customer relationship strategy today.