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SIP Trunking – The Backup Option for Voice

SIP Trunking – The Backup Option for Voice

Most companies make sure they backup their data and computer systems but they overlook the potential to have a good disaster recovery plan in case their phone system goes down. When phone lines go down how will it impact your business? With backup SIP Trunks you can also make sure your business communication is safe using redundancy.

A common automatic fail over scenario would be a company that integrates PRI (Primary Rate Interface) Circuits with SIP (Session Initiating Protocol) Trunking as a backup. Both are two different ways of connecting your business using enterprise level phone systems to the public switched telephone network (or PSTN). PSTN(s) are collection carriers that anyone can use to make calls with cell phones, land lines or voice over IP (VOIP). As an example a business will typically have a dedicated PRI connection just  for making calls which uses a physical connection to the PSTN such as a T1 and additional internet lines just for data. Separation of data and voice allows for quality of service which guarantees phone calls get priority.

SIP sessions establish a connection to the PSTN over the internet/data lines using a virtual connection. This is a “best effort approach” since phone calls will potentially compete with other data traffic like emails, instant messaging and any internet browsing so this makes SIP a highly effective approach and a desired backup to PRI. Since SIP is a virtual connection, if a  PRI goes down you have the ability to quickly fail over phone calls to your data lines without needing extra physical equipment to connect to the PSTN. This makes SIP trunking backup a low cost, simple fail over high availability solution for business voice.

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