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Skills Matrix: Conquering a Never-Ending Workload with Power BI

At the core of every efficient business is a system that allows them to manage their workload the same way, every time. But what happens when that workload grows into something more? What happens when the system currently in place becomes obsolete, and the workload becomes too great? While an increased workload is a good problem for a growing business, it can present significant challenges. And, if not addressed early in the growth process, the company is likely to shrink, not grow.

Please note, not every business will face the same challenges. Every problem or workload crisis may look different depending on job responsibility and the nature of the work. However, the steps to finding a solution may look the same everywhere.

In this blog, I will discuss the approach used to stay ahead of workflow issues when dealing with a never-ending workload. It will also discuss how a little outside-the-box thinking resulted in a propriety software called Skills Matrix and how it solved our unique problem.

The Size-up and Approach

Sometimes looking at a problem from the ground up can seem impossibly large. Wrapping one’s mind around the entirety of a situation while actively managing a never-ending workload can feel impossible. But it’s not. At the core of every problem are smaller problems that make up the whole. Approach it this way. Even impossibly large challenges can feel more manageable. Doing this can also help add perspective to the situation while ensuring one’s sanity.

After reviewing our process, we discovered there was room for growth when managing service tickets. For us, step one meant reviewing the system used to manage service requests.

The Problem

On any given day, there may be hundreds of requests sent in. There are within them dozens of different issues that range from printer malfunctions to the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.”

While most customers send their tickets with the expectation for immediate service, unfortunately, it’s not always possible. To better manage the workload, identifying the smaller factors composing the whole became paramount. Here are a few:

  • Ticket Priority
  • Technician Specialties
  • Work Schedules
  • Individual Workload Metrics
  • Team Workload Metrics
  • Future Metrics
  • Metric for Ticket Frequency

After breaking down the problem into more manageable issues, the solution became apparent. Designed in-house, by one of our own team, is Skills Matrix, which aggregates all the data above, to display it in a way that is simple and intuitive.

About Skills Matrix

The companies unique data needs are what led to the creation of Skills Matrix. It is simple to use, intuitive in its design, and essential for coordinating service requests with technicians. The program’s primary function is to connect the right person with the right job every time. All while managing individual workloads by providing daily percentages of how busy a scheduled workday can be.

For example, the program distributes the workload evening, ensuring a happier and more productive workspace. In other words, it acts as an excellent counterweight to feelings of “I work harder than everyone else” by displaying percentages for each person’s workload. It’s a lifesaver. The program tracks each team member’s expertise, which is constantly evolving, and displays which technicians should get assigned to which ticket. The process saves time, energy and makes even a never-ending workload seem conquerable. All of these capabilities are possible due to Microsoft Power BI.  Watch for more information about Skills Matrix in our blog space, before it debuts in the Microsoft Marketplace.

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When attempting to manage a growing workload, the solution may require a different approach. Do not let the size of the problem become a source of discouragement. Break it up into smaller, more manageable issues, and see how they all work together. Beringer can help, by offering an objective view of the problem, and recommend a solution that fits your business.

By approaching the problem this way, the method for managing one’s workload can adapt and evolve with business growth. In other words, thanks to Skills Matrix, our team can have an evolving system that matches an evolving workload.

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