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Small businesses don’t need their own IT department to succeed

Small businesses don’t need their own IT department to succeed

Small businesses come from all types of backgrounds. These companies are unique entities that may not be as knowledgeable regarding everything related to IT. Sure, these firms use computers, but they do not have the time or resources to fully invest in selecting newer technologies such as cloud computing, Voice over Internet Protocol or a Microsoft product like Office 365.

Small businesses using Microsoft Office, for example, likely rely on Word, PowerPoint and Excel to perform daily functions. These companies, however, may not realize that Office 365 is a new approach to the traditional Microsoft suite. The cloud-powered solution includes SharePoint, Lync and other Web-based apps that make it easier for firms to communicate and collaborate anywhere at any time.

Having all of these applications under one roof does wonders for productivity. SharePoint is an enterprise content management suite that makes it easier for companies to leverage information by improving how data is stored and shared across the entire organization. Lync is a video conferencing, telephony and instant messaging tool all in one. Now, communication through multiple channels is a breeze.

The beauty of cloud computing in general is that small businesses do not have to pay for on-site hardware and software, since everything is hosted at an off-site location managed by a vendor. Firms no longer have to wait for continued updates or maintenance, either, allowing companies unprecedented flexibility over antiquated equipment, all under a subscription-based pricing model.

VoIP is another great tool for a small business that wants to boost communication to a new level. Traditional landlines are expensive to maintain and restrict users to be physically in the office to make calls. VoIP allows companies to make calls directly through their Internet connection without having to pay for two separate service bills.

Find the right consultant
Whether a small business is interested in replacing legacy equipment in favor of cloud services, adopting Microsoft solutions such as Office 365 or taking advantage of VoIP, Beringer Associates can be a big help to companies operating in all spaces. For more than 20 years, we have assisted clients with all of their IT-related needs.

Each small business is a unique entity, so it is crucial that IT infrastructures are developed based on the respective demands of each client. We create a custom program for all of our clients - one that sets realistic expectations for deployments - something that is often overlooked in the grand scheme of IT.

Being the first to integrate an IT system is not always the best way to improve a firm's success. Some clients are too eager to jump the gun when a new product comes along, because they want to adopt it quickly. However, this approach makes it difficult for them to maximize their investment over the long run if they do not plan ahead and pay close attention to the finer details of the implementation process. We make sure customers are taken care of in this regard to avoid such complications down the road.



Rob is the CTO of Beringer Technology Group, and focuses his efforts on software development, cloud engineering, team mentoring and strategic technical direction. Rob has worked with Beringer since 2005, and has influenced every department from Development, Security, Implementation, Support and Sales. Rob graduated with his MBA from Rowan University in 2012, earned his Bachelors of Computer Science in 1997, and is current with several Microsoft technical certifications. Rob is very active, and loves to mountain bike, weight train, cook and hike with his dog pack.