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Successful IT outsourcing depends largely on the right relationship

Not every business is a tech-savvy firm, so managing each aspect of an IT infrastructure is challenging for some companies to accomplish on their own. Outsourcing services have gained traction in recent years because more organizations are looking for ways to offload maintenance tasks and instead focus on their core services and products.


But simply adopting IT outsourcing services is not enough – businesses must make sure they have the right relationship with a vendor if they are to experience true success over the long run. Romi Mahajan, president of marketing consulting firm the KKM Group, said both parties have to be invested to make the partnership work, InformationWeek reported.


“The customer blames the offshore company for overpromising, and a routine issue then becomes a mountain of a problem,” Mahajan explained. “I see this kind of ‘us versus them’ thinking a lot. It delays projects for months.”


Focus more on results, not pricing
Customers always want to know they are getting the best financial deal they can when investing in IT services. However, firms should avoid focusing too much on vendor pricing and instead focus on the actual results of the outsourcing relationship. Liz Herbert, principal analyst at Forrester, said one outsourcer could offer rates at $100 per hour but include an inexperienced team of personnel, while another business may offer rates of $200 an hour with a much smaller and experienced group of support staff, according to the news provider.


Michele Chubirka, senior security architect at Packet Pushers, also encouraged customers to never outsource to fix an internal issue between different departments.


“If you’re not dealing with your own conflicts between IT and the business, outsourcing will not fix them,” Chubirka said, InformationWeek reported. “An outsourcer should always provide expertise that you don’t have in-house – period.”


The right outsourcing partner isn’t hard to find
Businesses that want to take full advantage of what IT outsourcing has to offer by freeing up internal resources normally allocated toward IT maintenance and also gaining skills they currently don’t possess should consider contacting Beringer Associates. We have been helping customers maximize their investments in IT services for more than two decades, earning a reputation for working closely with partners from day one.


Not every company has similar needs, especially regarding IT investments. This is why we offer personalized service to reflect every customers’ unique infrastructure, end-user preferences and operational requirements to develop a roadmap that positions each business on a successful path.


A great IT outsourcer is not just there during the planning and launch stages of a service but long after implementation. This is another area in which we deliver exceptional value to customers. Our team of support staff members are on call 24/7 to maintain client environments, oversee system upgrades and handle any disruptions that may negatively impact operational efficiency.


We are confident that your organization will not only address its IT outsourcing needs by partnering with us, but your company will also have a partner you can trust over the long run.