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What? How Much? Why does it cost so much to replace my servers…?

We get this periodically. People come to us with “ my server is down and won’t  come back up…!” or  “My systems are corrupt, our IT person is sick and we  have been down for 2 days – Help!!” Then, after we jump in, temporarily  stabilize the out-of-warranty, poorly backed up, unsupported, end-of-life  or dying servers, we are asked to more fully research the nightmare and work  up a proposal for replacement hardware, licensing and setup.


Next up is invariably “This is crazy – why is it so much to replace the  network???” It is a fair question and the answer is simple; without regular,  timely investments in the technology that is at the heart of your operations, you  now need to change out EVERYTHING!! All at once.


Costly but  Necessary. (The three worst words your President, CEO or CFO will ever hear.)


There is a better way! Beringer is a managed services provider, named in the top 250 MSP’s by CRN in 2014. We are accountable. We make a solid practice of constantly evaluating and reevaluating our clients’ systems – servers, workstations, mobile, firewall, backup, online, etc. It’s the only way to not be that other IT person who lands a $100k (non-budgeted) bill on his boss’s desk.


We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating end-of-life systems, expiring warranty and support agreements; recommending virtual and cloud environments. Beringer will educate your people on new technology, help you to decide where it makes sense and when time and budget allow. This is a solid and proven way to avoid surprises and stay on the supported, leading edge of technology.


One way to avoid those surprises?


That would be by adopting a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground  – AKA The Cloud. The Microsoft Cloud is now a mature technology. A full suite of solutions are offered; compliance, security and retention, uptime guarantees, mobile device management and data loss prevention – it’s all there. Office 365 is now one of Microsoft’s most successful ventures ever. Yes – even considering Windows, Office and XBox… amazing.


Subscription is winning over purchase as businesses enjoy a fixed monthly cost instead of potentially unexpected outlays in licensing and hardware. Since cash is king – an operational vs capital expense is quite attractive. These are just some of the benefits of Office 365; Exchange email and Microsoft Office 2013, Sharepoint for cloud-based document storage, Lync – Microsoft’s highly regarded set of communication and collaboration tools. Microsoft Azure is available for hosted servers and applications with the cloud open for business. Talk to us about these things, try them on and see and how they fit you. Come get a taste.


Listen – some systems may need to stay local –  so a little hardware may be needed – spread the love (and the cost) with The Cloud. Your C-levels will appreciate it…!


Sherlock is an outspoken technophile who loves the beach, the outdoors and his gadgets.