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Synchronization Filters in Dynamics CRM

Synchronization Filters in Dynamics CRM

Do you use both Dynamics CRM and Exchange/Outlook?  In Dynamics CRM, you can synchronize your Tasks, Appointments and Contacts to Exchange/Outlook.  This is helpful when wanting to use built in Exchange/Outlook features, such as those friendly appointment reminders.  With most CRM systems, an open security model is applied to allow everyone visibility to all Activities and Contacts.  This helps broaden your customer knowledgebase across all departments in your organization and it fuels each rep with better insights to strengthen customer relationships.  However, you want your reps to synchronize only Activities and Contacts that are relevant to their Outlook/Exchange life.  Luckily, you have the ability to apply synchronization filters in Dynamics CRM.

User Filters

End users can create their own filters as it fits their needs.  For example, they can create a filter on Appointments that they are a participant in.  End user training is typically required for creating these filters.  Alternatively, your admin can apply Filter Templates for select users.  If your organizations policy requires broader filters for Sales Managers vs Sales Reps, these can be useful.

System Filters

An Admin can also create filters for all CRM users by using System Filters.  The main benefit is that they do not require configuring each end user individually.  When you initially navigate to System Filters, you will notice that there is no “Add” button on the interface:

So, how do you apply System Filters?  A Developer can apply them using the CRM SDK or your Admin can utilize one of the available third party tools built for this (These methods are required to apply Filter Templates as well).

As with any changes you make to a Production system, you should first test them out in your Sandbox environment.

Additional key items you should know about Synchronization Filters are:

  • Multiple filters for an entity act as a union
  • System Filters trump User Filters
  • There is a limit on # of filters that can be applied, which is controlled by your CRM deployment administrator

For more information on applying Filters, click here.

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