Top Ten Reasons You Might Need CRM

Dave Letterman made the top ten list famous.  In this article we take his very funny top ten list idea and apply it to your business.

#10  A customer calls wondering why they have not yet received the refund on a returned product and no one in customer service knows about it

#9    Your sales team has no idea who they need to be calling or meeting with

#8    The marketing staff cannot track who is responding to your advertising

#7    Management has no way of knowing what the status is of pending sales

#6    New business leads are not being followed up on or nurtured properly

#5    Sales opportunities are being lost

#4    Sales management has no idea what the sales staff is doing

#3    Upper management lacks solid information needed to make business decisions

#2    Customers are beginning to buy from your competitors and you don’t know why

And the number one reason your company may need a CRM solution:

#1   Revenues are decreasing

If any of these issues are affecting your business it may be time to investigate what a CRM solution could do your  company.  A solid CRM like Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is fully and skilfully implemented by a knowledgeable company like Beringer Associates can reverse every one of the statements on the top ten list above.   And you may be surprised by the  investment  cost of a CRM.  The ROI in many cases to very short and the business gains can be tremendous.

Do you have questions about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM would help your business? Are you interested in learning more? Please contact us at anytime! Beringer Associates is a leading Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution. We also provide expert managed IT services, cloud based computing and unified communication systems.