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Transform your Marketing with ClickDimensions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With ClickDimensions, you can transform your marketing to be so effective it's not recognizable compared to what you are doing today...taking your marketing from this:

CD truck

to this:

CD transformer

Click Dimensions bridges the gap between Sales and Marketing.

There are some keys ways in which ClickDimensions makes this possible:

  1. Natively built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM - features are accessed through the CRM interface and data is stored in your CRM database.
  2. Comprehensive features list to meet all of your Marketing needs. This includes email marketing, customer surveys, nurture marketing, web forms, social discovery, lead scoring, landing pages, campaign tracking and web intelligence.
  3. Bridging the Gap - with all of this functionality, because it is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, every time a lead or customer opens or clicks on one of your marketing emails or your website, it is tracked right inside of CRM.  For example, if you have a landing page, where a customer can download a white paper, all of this action will be tracked and the lead scored to note this interaction with your organization. How cool is that!?

For more information on how Click Dimensions can transform your marketing or to schedule a demonstration,  Contact Beringer today. Beringer is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner here to provide solutions like these.