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Utilize Microsoft SharePoint to Enhance Your Business

Microsoft-SharePoint[1]Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that can be used for many purposes. Many companies use it as a platform to build an intranet site or even a public facing website. It can be used for form creation and submission, issue tracking, discussion boards and so much more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

By far the most common use of SharePoint is Document Management and Collaboration. When planned out and deployed properly, it is unmatched.

The following are some note-able features about SharePoint Document Management:

Version control - Automatically creates new versions of a document when it is edited with the ability to view and restore previous versions.

Document Approval - Can be assigned to document libraries to allow for a review and approval process before a document is viewable by the organization.

Workflows - Many options for workflow creation to assign tasks, alert on document deletion, create folders, etc.

Custom Content Types - Allows for the creation of template documents to be used within a document library.

DocumentID - Creates a persistent URL link to documents so that if files are moved to different areas of SharePoint, links will not be broken.

Enterprise search - Indexes content so that you can search not only for document titles and authors, but actually search for content inside of documents without opening them.

With SharePoint Online you can now get the full functionality of what was traditionally a complex and costly on-premises infrastructure for a fraction of the cost.

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