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VoIP remains a popular option

VoIP remains a popular option

When it comes time to replace office phone systems, you don't have to select an option that will simply replicate the functionality of a standard landline. Instead, you can select VoIP technology, which can deliver new and powerful functionality. Whether you host the new phone system in your own servers or purchase a cloud phone system, you can find the right fit for your business, with features and user support that suit your unique scale and objectives. This customization is VoIP's unique advantage over legacy business phone systems, which can end up being a poor fit.


Market remains robust
The proof of VoIP's effectiveness can be found in reports analyzing the market. Organizations are purchasing the necessary hardware and signing up for VoIP contracts instead of dealing with the same phone connections they have employed in the past. Recent data from Infonetics research revealed that service provider VoIP equipment purchasing was over $3.7 billion in 2013. The total is significantly higher than 2012, representing a 30 percent increase.


The source explained that activity centered on the U.S., China and Japan, with the whole world showing improved sales. Infonetics also reported that not all of the equipment is meant to enable mobile programs. Many firms are also reshaping their landline situation, building back up with VoIP instead of simply purchasing another round of legacy phone lines.


Which model?
You may wonder whether it's better to install VoIP technology in your own server room or subscribe to a service hosted in the cloud. The question is entirely based on your own needs, as some firms have the means to pay for a new on-site deployment and want the added customization options that could come along. You should bear in mind, however, that working with the technology in this capacity will likely also require IT staff intervention. One of the cloud's most positive traits is the reduced need for attention from in-house personnel.


There is also a third option. Instead of buying an on-premise solution outright, you can purchase a hosted option from an IT managed services partner. This type of deployment contains the same features found in on-premise deployments, but is handled by the third party, removing the up-front cost for the hardware and software, as well as maintenance charges, and replacing them with a subscription fee similar to the billing approach for the cloud. Whichever model you select, there is more customization available than there would be with standard phone deployments, a vital consideration today.