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What is single sign-on?

What is single sign-on?

Having to sign into many different accounts for work can be frustrating, due to needing to remember many different passwords. Single sign-on is the perfect way to counter this.

What is single sign on?

Single sign-on, or SSO for short, is a way of authentication that allows the user to stay logged in across multiple websites after logging in. For example, if you log in to Gmail, SSO will automatically sign you into other Google applications, such as Analytics and AdSense.

How does SSO work?

SSO is built on the concept of federated identity, which allows multiple systems to share identification information. Logging into a service with SSO credentials causes an authentication token to be made and stored inside the browser. Any website visited afterwards will take the token generated and verify the user's identity using the SSO server, granting them access. This forms the foundation for modern SSO solutions that use protocols such as OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0.

What are the benefits of SSO?

Apart from being more convenient and simpler to use, SSO offers these key benefits:

Better password management

SSO makes logging in easier since it is only one set of credentials instead of dozens. Due to only needing to remember one set of credentials, users can create stronger and more unique passwords, preventing unwanted access.

Improved password policy enforcement

SSO makes password policies easy to manage by IT teams, as a common policy is changing a user's password regularly. Rather than resetting each password for the dozens that the user may have, resetting one gives them access to everything again.

SSO also helps IT administrators implement the reentering of login information after a given period to ensure an employee is still active on the signed-in device. This is a critical security measure for businesses, as it can prevent dormant accounts from being used to access company data.

Less time wasted recovering forgotten passwords

Using SSO reduces the amount of password reset's they receive from user's, which affects their productivity and workflow. Doing this also allows the IT personnel to focus on more urgent issues.

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