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What makes Office 365 the perfect enterprise tool?

Microsoft's Office 365 solution has come a long way since 2011, when eWeek contributor Don Reisinger said the tech giant began its battle with cloud providers such as Google. Today, adoption of the platform has grown by leaps and bounds, especially among enterprises that still rely heavily on Office products like Word, Excel and Outlook.


Office 365 is much more than these traditional tools. In many respects, the cloud-based suite is a perfect option for businesses that want flexibility, accessibility and productivity. Reisinger wrote Microsoft fully understands the importance of cloud computing and how customers value the technology.


The suite is available through an Internet connection, allowing employees, regardless of physical location, to access Office 365 tools using their laptops, tablets and smartphones anywhere at any time. Staff members can now communicate with coworkers, update shared documents and complete many other tasks without being bound to an office setting.


Reisinger highlighted the collaboration advantages of Office 365, specifically through the integration of the cloud-based SharePoint system. This tool promotes organizational-wide communication for firms of all sizes.


Integration is king
Companies that invest in Microsoft know they are ultimately supporting the vendor's vast ecosystem of devices and enterprise products. This is no different with Office 365.


"Microsoft offers full Outlook access online for remote employees but is also available as a free download on computers. Microsoft has taken the Gmail model for online email and improved its own desktop solution. Although the debate rages over which platform is best, it's hard to take too much issue with Microsoft's Outlook," Reisinger wrote.


Office 365 also integrates Social Listening, thanks to Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer. Reisinger explained subscriptions now include Yammer bundles for certain price plans.


What's so important about Social Listening? This functionality will help businesses provide more targeted messaging to their unique clients, fostering long-term relationships as a result.


It's affordable
Not every organization has exhaustible resources to spend on IT products. Expensive tools have a small client base, limiting widespread adoption. Luckily, Office 365 includes various pricing options that make it accessible to clients. Reisinger indicated the Small Business suite is available for $5 per user per month. The midsize package is $12.50 per user, while the enterprise suite is $22.


Take your support one step further
If an IT product isn't supported by the vendor, it will fail to deliver consistent results throughout its life cycle. Organizations that want to support an agile and productive workforce while leveraging various Microsoft products simultaneously can benefit greatly from adopting the cloud-powered suite and partnering with an IT services provider to help manage the solution.


Companies interested in more personalized service should contact Beringer Associates today. As a leading Microsoft Certified Partner, we have a full understanding of how products such as Office 365 function and when system upgrades are needed. We will work with your business to determine your operational needs and IT infrastructure to develop a comprehensive roadmap that will support these demands before, during and after a system is launched.


Office 365 is a flexible platform, so there will always be updates to maintain operational efficiency. Our team of IT professionals oversee these upgrades to make sure customers can go about their day without experiencing any disruptions. If there are for some reason any complications, support staff is available 24/7 for assistance.


Office 365 will continue to evolve over the years, incorporating more Microsoft products along the way. This will further enhance the value of the cloud-based platform while also making it necessary for customers to understand these advancements and how they can improve operations. With Beringer Associates, you can rest assured your investment in the Microsoft ecosystem will be maximized.



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