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Why Beringer Technology Group?

I have a distinguished career in IT that spans more years than I would like to admit.  I was laid off, after 20 years of service,  from a very large managed service provider and had to decide what was next.  I interviewed with several companies and received  quite a few job offers. I chose Beringer Technology Group.  They have the best mix of technical knowledge, eyes on the future, process oriented, and client focused culture I was looking for.

The giants will try to tell you they are an advantage because they have so many talented technicians at their disposal. The reality is a bit different.  There was a dedicated technical team assigned to each client.  If you were unfortunate enough to  deal with someone not familiar with your client, it didn’t work out well. I felt the clients didn’t receive the full spectrum of what we had to offer.

Why Beringer Technology Group?

The Beringer employees know all the clients, very well.  I’ve listened as they walk someone through changing their password to troubleshooting a domain controller server because there was an unexpected power outage.  With Beringer you truly get the expertise of the entire team.

At Beringer, the focus is on the client.  One of the ways they provide the best in client services, is who they hire to be a part of their team.  Having worked with elite technical engineers, I am so impressed with the talent Beringer attracts.  I feel like it’s a team I can work with and do great things together.

My job at Beringer is to bring our client relationships to another level.  We have the technical expertise and the customer service at our fingertips.  I’m excited to lead the team to bring it all together.  I hope our clients are ready for the next level of what a managed service provider can really do!

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Beringer Technology Group, a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM for Distribution. We also provide expert Managed IT ServicesBackup and Disaster RecoveryCloud-Based Computing and Unified Communication Solutions.