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Why Windows 10 Pro Is the Best Option

Why Windows 10 Pro Is the Best Option

When buying new hardware for your laptop, you have to choose which operating system (OS) to install. And if you go with Windows 10, Microsoft's latest OS, you'll also have to decide among its Home or Pro versions. Although they contain many similar features, there are significant differences among them that are crucial to the remote world we currently live in. Here’s a rundown to why Windows 10 Pro is the non-negotiable choice.


As its name suggests, Windows 10 Home is designed for the typical home environment such as children working on homework, or a parent doing small work or web browsing. That is about as far as you can get, just minor jobs that need to get done as a home computer. Microsoft knows that most home users will not need the crucial features tied to pro in a home environment, hence the version and cost. However, a common mistake among small businesses is buying computers with Windows 10 Home simply because they do not know the difference between Home and Pro. Later on, this can prove to be a costly mistake.

Windows 10 Home has a large market share, partly because it sells for a lower price tag, and also due to most retail stores selling PCs with Windows 10 Home pre-installed. Home users who wish to upgrade to do more with their computer face a hefty $199 upgrade cost from Windows Home to Pro, without any discount. Customers must pay the full price of Windows 10 Pro if they want to upgrade from the Home version.


If you plan to use your computer for work, the Pro version is most certainly the choice for you. One of its most notable features is the built in ability for remote access -  Remote Desktop. In the remote world most businesses are faced with during the pandemic, this provides users a built-in remote access client that can be used to connect to a work PC, while connected through an SSL VPN. If your business is not currently using an SSL VPN for remote connections, reach out to Beringer Technology Group for advice and assistance on upgrading to a more secure access method!

Additionally, Windows 10 Pro can become a member of a Microsoft Active Directory domain, which Windows 10 Home cannot do. Joining a domain allows computers to join the company's directory server and adapt to applied company policies. Furthermore, it gives the computer authentication to the company's server farm to reach business resources without having to authenticate each time.


Finally, Windows 10 Pro provides users with an extremely important encryption feature called BitLocker. BitLocker encrypts the Windows 10 hard disk from malicious users who may try to steal content from the drive. This is most used on laptops as they can be compromised in unprecedented circumstances such as a robbery. This will prompt the user attempting to get into the laptop to type in a password prior to boot, and if the password is incorrect, the drive will remain encrypted until authenticated.