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Windows 8 Top Features that Businesses Will Enjoy

Windows 8 Top Features that Businesses Will Enjoy

Microsoft has officially released its newest operating system Windows 8. Windows 8 builds on the great features that were part of Windows 7. Windows 8 has a new and very different look and feel compared to the earlier versions of windows that we are all used to. It has kind of feels as thou Microsoft took what is great from computer operating systems and what is great from mobile operating systems and combined them into a new operating system. This new operating system will provide a rich experience whether if it is used on a pc or a tablet.


Some of the top features that businesses will love about Windows 8 are:


Desktop/Tablet Support: One operating system on a multitude of devices, will make it easier for your employees to learn and utilize this new technology across multiple platforms.


No need for new hardware: Windows 8 will run on any machine that was previously running windows 7. So if your company had upgraded to Windows 7 and now would like to upgrade to Windows 8 it will only be a software upgrade not a hardware upgrade.


Fast Boot Times: Microsoft has spent a considerable amount of time architecting the new operating system to have a fast boot time. This will mean less time wasted waiting for your computer to boot up.


System Wide Search: Microsoft has made it much easier to search your computer for files, folders, applications, settings and other items. You can also utilize search features of your apps right from windows 8 search area.


Refresh and Reset: This is an exciting new feature as it allows you a way to refresh or reset your PC if you are having issues without losing any files, windows store apps, or personal settings. The PC will sync with your MS account and will remember all of these items for you. This will drastically speed up the repair of a pc that is having issues.


Battery Life: Windows 8 is designed to increase the amount of time your laptop can run battery power. Many reviews have documented an increase in battery life on a windows 7 laptop after upgrading to windows 8.


Windows Store: Windows 8 will be the first operating system that Microsoft has developed and launched a store for. This store will be similar to the Apple App store, it will be a place for consumers to purchase and download software that has been verified by Microsoft to work with Windows 8.


Syncing to the Cloud: Syncing to the cloud using a Microsoft online account to login to the computer can be set up automatically. This means if you are someone who will be using multiple Windows 8 computers your personalized settings will move with you.


Built in Support for various File Extensions: Windows 8 will come with its own built in application to open file extensions for various popular types. You will no longer need to spend time searching the web for the correct application to use to open a file that someone sent you.


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