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Hassle-free login w/ Windows Hello (Windows 11)

Navigating your Windows 11 portal can be cumbersome, particularly when tasked with recalling and inputting intricate passwords incessantly. However, a beacon of respite shines forth: Windows Hello. This solution offers unfettered entry through streamlined biometric authentication methods like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Introducing Windows Copilot: Your New AI Assistant for Windows 11

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and one area where we see exciting developments is in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. These intelligent virtual helpers have become increasingly popular, and now, Microsoft has introduced its latest offering: Windows Copilot.

Workstation productivity: Disable disruptive Windows 11 settings

With every new update, Windows 11 brings a range of new features and enhancements to improve user experience. However, it also introduces some disruptive settings that may not align with everyone’s preferences by default. To help you with this issue, we’ll discuss these settings in Windows 11 and provide step-by-step instructions on how to disable a few in order to make Windows suitable for you.

What’s new for Windows 11 in 2023

Windows 11, the highly anticipated successor to Windows 10, made its debut in 2021, offering users a fresh and streamlined interface along with several new features. As we step into 2023, Microsoft continues to enhance Windows 11, bringing forth exciting updates and improvements.

Drawbacks to bypassing Windows 11’s TPM requirement

Microsoft released Windows 11 in October 2021. As of January 2023, only 18.1% of PCs around the world run the new operating system (OS); while 68.75% are still using Windows 10. One possible reason for the slow adoption of the new OS is that Windows 11 would not install on devices that lack Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 chips.

Essential tips for maximizing Windows 11 after installation

Welcome to Windows 11, the latest operating system by Microsoft designed to provide a modern and intuitive computing experience. Whether you are a first-time Windows user or transitioning from a previous version, this blog post will serve as a helpful guide to get you started with Windows 11 and make the most of its features.

How to perform a clean install of Windows 11

Performing a clean install of Windows 11 allows you to start fresh with a completely new operating system that is free of old settings, unnecessary files, and potential malware. It also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your machine if you’ve been using an older version of Windows.

How to customize Windows 11

Windows 11 has a unique interface that is different than what users are used to. Although you can't make it look exactly like Windows 10 we can get pretty close. Below we will go over some changes to make you feel more comfortable with the interface and show you how to customize Windows 11 for your specific needs.

6 Important Windows 11 Features

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system has many new features versus older versions. In this blog, we'll walk through enabling 6 important Windows 11 features that will help to keep your laptop running well. While some features are very new, others are familiar but still important to the safety and security of your device.

Disable Ads and Notices in Windows 11

Did you know that Windows was designed to show notifications and ads, regardless of the version you're running? Users of Windows 11 may be surprised to see more of these annoyances. If you're wondering how to disable ads and notices in Windows 11, keep reading.