Why aren’t you using Skype for Business?

Do you remember the first time that technology changed the way you communicate? Perhaps it was the first time you called someone while taking a walk with a cell phone, finally free from the constraints of wires. Maybe it was when you received a response to an email within seconds, instead of penning a letter and sending it to the post office. How about the first time you shared a photo of your pet via Facebook with your entire family, instead of taking your roll of film to the photo hut for development?  I think we’ve all experienced a defining moment like this in our life. My most recent experience came when I was introduced to Skype for Business, which changed the way I view my office phone forever.

Skype for Business is a communication suite installed on your PC, which has the power to contact people using a variety of methods like text, audio, video and more.

So why do I prefer using Skype for business over a traditional office phone? Check out my top three reasons, and see if any hit home for you.


I’m constantly moving around, sometimes sitting in a dozen different seats. This type of movement naturally detaches me from my office phone. One constant is that I always have my laptop with me, along with Skype for Business. This allows me to initiate a conversation with colleagues, or join a conference call using only my laptop.


If you call my office phone, chances are that you are going to get my voice mail. I want to talk to you, but I’m most likely juggling a few tasks, and don’t have the immediate bandwidth to stop what I’m doing. Sending a simple Skype message gives me the ability to absorb your request and determine the urgency. It’s also very easy for me to respond with a text and give the answer you need without losing focus on current tasks. Don’t worry, if we need to talk, a Skype for Business voice call is only a click away.



I spend a lot of time helping my team solve problems. This generally starts out with a text message, but usually escalates to a voice call. With Skype for Business, we can add screen sharing with just another click. I’ve found that sharing audio and screen is smooth, even on a wireless network. If we create a solution that would be beneficial for the rest of my organization, then I can simply click on the record button, and capture the entire experience. I upload these sessions to Microsoft SharePoint to build an invaluable video knowledge base.

Beringer is a Microsoft certified partner, and has deep experiencing deploying Microsoft Office and Skype for Business. Can we help you take your business to the next level? Please reach out to us today.