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December 2023 Newsletter

Take a look at our December 2023 Newsletter.
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Beringer Technology Group, a leading Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM for Distribution also provides expert Managed IT Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Based Computing, Email Security Implementation and Training, Unified Communication Solutions, and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

Cloud versus on-premises VoIP systems: Key points to consider

When it comes to voice-over-IP or VoIP systems, there are many available options. If it's time for your organization to upgrade to a new VoIP system, there are many details to consider, to ensure your implementation provides the best fit. Here are five key points to consider when deciding between a cloud-based and on-premises VoIP system:
Cost Structure
Assess the financial implications of each option.

Why you need a vCISO Ninja

Hmmm - an IT MSP WITH vCISO services: The cybersecurity life hack you didn't know you needed!Cybersecurity is more important today, than ever before. But for many businesses, hiring a full-time CISO is simply not feasible. That's where the outsourced vCISO comes in.

How SaaS saves businesses money

Software is a key component of business IT however, such related expenses can quickly diminish available budget if not meticulously managed.  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a term you've likely heard thrown around, but is not often clarified.  The relevancy of SaaS derives from its nature as a cloud computing solution that can help cut costs without sacrificing efficiency.

Public Sector Automation with Microsoft Power Apps

In the realm of public service, optimizing operations is paramount to delivering efficient and effective services to citizens. With increasing demands and limited resources, finding ways to streamline processes, no matter how small, becomes crucial. This is where the specialized potential of Microsoft Power Apps comes into play, enabling public sector entities to automate tasks, enhance productivity, and provide seamless services to the community, all with the security of Microsoft's Government Community Cloud.