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Avoid the Pitfall of Thinking Your Cloud Provider Will Take Care of Everything

Avoid the Pitfall of Thinking Your Cloud Provider Will Take Care of Everything

Cloud computing is no longer science fiction; it’s here to stay. Organizations all over the world are transforming their businesses by moving to the Cloud because of the several clear advantages it offers: low up-front costs, mobility, versatility, automatic updates, and cutting-edge technology.

But with any change, there are things to be aware of.  If you are thinking of transitioning your business software to the Cloud, make your transition successful by identifying and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Example of a Potential Pitfall

We recently worked with a client on a multi-faceted cloud migration strategy. The client's goal was to walk away from infrastructure management, and not have to worry about hardware or internet connectivity ever again.  But that’s not realistic. You can't ignore your management responsibilities.

The hardware administration is managed by Microsoft, but that is only one component to consider.  We work with clients during the implementation to provide Administrative Training to a System Admin or System Admin Team to ensure that they are fully aware of the maintenance tasks that are needed to keep their Dynamics 365 environment humming.  Also, we offer a full Managed Service offering for Dynamics 365 that includes full maintenance & administration as well as end-user helpdesk support.

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is not as simple as flipping a switch. As with most business strategies, planning ahead is critical for making the most of the benefits of the Cloud. With your transition to the Cloud comes the opportunity to capitalize on new technologies and modernize operations.  The right partner can provide oversight and direction to help you optimize your business processes, workflows, and data management so they can be smoothly transferred to the Cloud.

If you are contemplating a move to the cloud, there are other pitfalls you’ll want to be aware of.

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