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Office 365: To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Office 365: To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Office 365 has many benefits for businesses because of its Cloud-based technology. You can access your email, Office programs (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) from any location or device if you have an internet connection.  Two words come to my thoughts: “mind-blowing”.

There are many advantages for a business to utilize Office 365 but let’s take a look at the top three. Hopefully, one of the advantages will intrigue you to investigate further and decide “to Cloud or not to Cloud”.

The first benefit which is a no-brainer at all as it allows team members to work together to complete tasks and projects. Yes, that is correct, not only can you work together to complete tasks, but changes or updates are in real time with current progress status. There is no delay or confusion that could prolong a project or task due to technology. This is known as a “centralized share space” that allows team members to add or track changes or share their contributions to a project or task.

The second benefit which every business is continually striving for is improved efficiencies within their organizations, which ultimately can help to reduce operational cost. Users find they are more productive because they can access anytime and almost anywhere. Some companies say, “in 2015 that of the businesses surveyed, 69% saw an increase in productivity, and 65% gained better access to data”. Costs are reduced because there is no physical storage area for servers and communication has improved due to a “centralized shared space." That helps to create a seamless process to keep everyone informed and allowing information sharing immediately with no delays.

The third benefit which is key to any technology application…drum roll, please… It’s always up to date whether you're using your desktop or mobile version online.

I could list many more benefits to Office 365 but it's up to you choose the best option that works for you and your business, home or educational needs.

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