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Blend Canvas and Model Driven Apps Together

Microsoft has recently unveiled the “Modern App Designer,” a new and more powerful tool to develop custom-tailored UI experiences that would previously not be possible.  While this feature is currently in Preview (available for development, not recommended for production use), it’s already providing some awesome new features.  One of the most impressive new features is the ability to blend Canvas and Model Driven Apps together!

Canvas Apps and Model Driven Apps

In another blog, we’ll cover the differences between Canvas Apps and Model Driven Apps.  To summarize:

  • Canvas Apps offer a more customizable user experience at the cost of additional custom JavaScript and/or PowerFX code.
  • Model Driven Apps offer a more uniform and simplified user experience without the need for much custom code.

Modern App Designer “Pages”

Pages are a new concept to Model Driven Apps.  They provide the ability to embed another app (Canvas or Model-Driven) within your current Model Driven App.  A Page can be displayed in your sitemap, in a view, or on a record’s form.

Why combine a Canvas and Model Driven App?

There are times when the majority of your business’s use cases fit squarely into the Model Driven App interface. With a Model Driven App, you can leverage all of the standard tools and UI elements that meet most of your users’ needs.  But there may be a use case or two that require a bit more customized experience.  Canvas Apps can fulfill this requirement, but users would have to access them in a different browser tab or window. Now, you can embed a Canvas App directly into your Model Driven App!  Users can work in both apps in a single screen or tab by using a Page.  Pages will significantly cut down on the number of screens a user has to navigate, and provide that custom user experience where needed.

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