Bringing the office to the field with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Wholesale distributors often have two separate sales representative groups – inside professionals and outside personnel – which can limit how productive each can be when they require immediate access to important data related to customers. Some reps operate from the office, taking and making phone calls, while others function in the field meeting clients face-to-face. This makes for a lack of collaboration between the two parties – putting companies at a competitive disadvantage over the long run. Teams have to be on the same page at all times if a brand’s message is to remain consistent and customers happy.


This is why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect tool for distributors relying on outdated operation methods and looking to empower the workforce like never before. The Microsoft customer relationship management tool gives new meaning to data access, helping personnel analyze client information anywhere at any time through their smartphones and tablets. Microsoft offers dedicated Dynamics CRM applications just for these gadgets, allowing sales reps to pull up previous customer histories, interactions and prices right before a meeting.


The old model of employee communication hamstrung teams. Now, disparate departments can access the same information – something as simple as a customer email may hold important details that would go unnoticed by field personnel unless the office-based workers shared this interaction beforehand. Workers can now see an entire client’s email history through the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and another popular Microsoft product – Outlook – which automatically links all of these messages to the system. Staff members now have no excuse to not deliver the best possible service day in and day out.


Tracking data is also improved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Technology is a beautiful thing, yet some staff members still resort to pen and paper to track customer sales information such as order purchases, item quantities and prices. What if a rep leaves his or her notebook behind before an important meeting? If this same worker has a smartphone handy, he or she could simply access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM if the distributor adopted this solution.


Having updated data at all times is a competitive advantage distributors can accomplish with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Not every company is the same
Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideal for wholesale distributors, not every business requires the same functionality from the solution, because all companies are different and have unique needs. This is why first-time adopters of the CRM system should contact Beringer Associates to achieve a successful implementation from day one.


We have helped clients maximize their investments in IT products for more than two decades, and we are especially knowledgeable with many Microsoft products. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, so your business will receive the most up-to-date support regarding any changes made to Microsoft’s offerings.


Choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM over other products on the market is a great choice for distributors that already rely on other Microsoft solutions such as Windows or Office. The CRM suite integrates well with Microsoft’s latest Office product – Office 365 – which is a cloud-based system that makes it possible for employees to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange and Lync through their mobile devices.


If you partner with us to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we will analyze your operations, your sales data and customer service requirements before helping your business adopt any product. We believe in setting realistic goals for our clients, so they are not aiming too high where they will be disappointed by the results. With our 24/7 support, we are confident your firm’s CRM and other Microsoft needs will be met from day one. Click here to contact us today.