How mobile sales applications help distributors close more deals

Dynamics-CRM-Mobile-2013-300x202In today’s marketplace, distributors must provide their employees with all the tools necessary to get and maintain a competitive advantage. Deploying mobile sales applications is one of the ways to accomplish this goal and help distributor close more deals. So what are mobile sales technologies? They are software solutions developed exclusively for tablets and smartphones integrated to your ERP or CRM solution that enable your salespeople to have the most accurate and current information on your customers whether they are traveling or sitting in you customers office.


So why is this important to a distributor? To compete today with the likes of an AmazonSupply you really only have one way to differentiate yourself, with superior customer service. Customers today have easy access to information through the web to find the lowest price. In addition to competitive pricing, customers want to work with a distributor that can add value to their purchase by maintaining adequate stock levels, provide on-time delivery and are available to help if things don’t go right with expert knowledge.


This is where a mobile tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution can help. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users with mobile software clients for both tablets and smartphones, including a software license at no extra charge. These are full function applications that are connected to the corporate CRM system providing the same information to the salesperson as if they were sitting in the office. All pertinent customer and contact information such as quotes, order, invoices and service information is available. They can address virtually any issue a client may have from product availability to an update of a service request.


The implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution with mobile access will help you close more business, increase productivity and provide superior customer service. If you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution with mobile access is the way to go.