Why customer satisfaction has to be the distributors number one priority

Forrester research has announced that we have entered a new era that they call the age of the customer. While many distributors may say that they are customer centric or that the customer is always right this is much different. The new power of the customer means that the focus on the customer now matters more than any other single strategic initiative. The only source of real competitive advantage today comes from an obsession with catering to the needs of you customers. Effectively managing your company’s relationships with those who buy and use your company’s products and services has never been more important.

This is where a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution can play a crucial role. With built in functionality like social listening you now have a way to monitor what you customers are saying and thinking about your company across a spectrum of platforms such a Facebook and twitter. Social listening also enables you to monitor your competition and quickly react to purchasing signal to generate quality leads. Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution provide you with extensive quote and sales history on an account you can use this information to develop targeted sales campaigns as well as upsell and cross sell to your customers. In addition, since CRM provides a central repository for all customer communications,  everyone in the company will always have the most up to date information when dealing with customers and prospects. Finally, since all these benefits are available on a smartphone or tablet your salespeople will always have access to critical customer information when travelling or meeting at a customer’s office.

So if you want to truly differentiate yourself from your competitors there is no better way to do that than by providing superior customer service and implementing a solution like Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution can be the critical component the gives you that edge.