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How can you make your Apps more understanding?

How can you make your Apps more understanding?

Most of us appreciate the functionality and efficiency our apps already bring us to achieve our day to day tasks.   However, what if you could add more value to your apps by making them understand your inputs and interpret needs through human-like perception, data analysis and knowledge search?

With Microsoft Cognitive Services, we can add artificial intelligence and knowledge to our apps to make them more understanding, powerful and engaging for end users.  Microsoft Cognitive Services allows developers to utilize their impressive machine learning algorithms in your apps with just a few lines of code. They can work across devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.  Additionally, some can be tailored to your organization by training through experience or inputs that you give it.

Microsoft Cognitive Services are broken into 5 categories, each with their own set of APIs that a developer can code against:

Vision:  Computer Vision, Emotion, Face, Video

Includes tagging and extracting rich data about visual content that can be used for informational purposes or protection against malicious files.  Additionally, they include the ability to identify faces and details about people such as their age and emotion.

Speech: Bing speech, Custom Recognition, Speaker Recognition

Convert speech to text and vice versa.  They can detect audio in real-time or within a file.

Language: Bing Spell Check, Language Understanding, Linguistic Analysis, Text Analytics, Web Language Model

Includes identifying the sentiment, language and key phrases within text, such as customer feedback.

Knowledge: Academic Knowledge, Entity Linking, Knowledge Exploration, Recommendations

Includes interpreting natural language queries as structured query expressions and identifying customer recommendations based on customer activity in your digital store

Search: Bing Autosuggest, Bing Image Search, Bing News Search, Bing Video Search, Bing Web Search

Includes an enhanced Bing search that can display results based on specified freshness (Day, Week, Month), SafeSearch, Market (country), and Response Filter (News, Images, Videos, WebPages).

A developer can start using most of these powerful services today under the current free plans!  Your organization can purchase subscriptions for scalability.  Free versions usually include about 1,000-30,000 transactions per month with an unlimited time frame, while others such as the Search APIs allow up to 3 months of free use before a paid subscription is needed.  Pricing is subject to change.

You can read more about Microsoft Cognitive Services here and interact with some of their examples.

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