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Can a wholesale distributor really benefit from social media?

Can a wholesale distributor really benefit from social media?

Business Security Group Whether we like it or not social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are having a tremendous impact on the Wholesale distribution industry. In a recent Business week article it was noted that two-thirds of American consumers use social networking sites, and they’re talking 24/7 about great service or insolent reps, smart branding, and shameless attempts at manipulation. The data (and the power) are increasingly in their hands, which represents a 180-degree pivot from traditional business practices. As a result it is now more important than ever to develop strong relationships with your customers.


This is where a tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution can help you. With built in functionality like social listening you now have a way to monitor what your customers are saying and thinking about your company across a spectrum of platforms such a Facebook and twitter. Social listening also enables you to monitor your competition and quickly react to purchasing signals to generate quality leads. In this day and age the customer really is in charge and this marks a paradigm shift in the distribution business. It has never been more important to listen to your customers and create a two way conversation with them as it is now. As consumers use social media to amplify their voices distributors need a proven tool to respond effectively.


Successful companies have always understood that focusing on relationships is the most important aspect of their business and with the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for distribution solution you now have a tool to build and maintain those relationships.


Find the right IT provider
In these times of change, managed service providers like Beringer Associates can help you determine how best to navigate these new areas of social media with solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution. Finding the right partner can be the difference between successfully utilizing social media to your advantage or maybe missing out on next great deal.