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Integrate Excel with Dynamics 365

Integrate Excel with Dynamics 365
Many people still use MS Excel today, and for good reason. It's a well-established spreadsheet program that has powerful features for calculating complex data and much more. What it lacks though is enhanced security for sharing, change tracking (unless you are using it in SharePoint, inability to track historical performance & numbers and the inability to capture activities.

SharePoint Workflow End Of Life

SharePoint Workflow End Of Life
Microsoft announced that all SharePoint workflows running SharePoint Online have officially reached their end of life. If you are running workflow automation in SharePoint Online, then your business will be impacted. Microsoft provides two versions of workflows in SharePoint, version 2010 and version 2013. Depending on which version of SharePoint workflows you are using will dictate your next steps.

You’ve got the power with Microsoft Power Platform

Is your organization feeling stale?  Do you have data, but don't know how to leverage it?  Do you need more data, either from your team or external sources?  Does your team lack efficiency?  If you've answered "yes" to any of these, then you should definitely check out the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Scaling Data Load with Azure

Scaling Data Load with Azure Data Factory
Fine tuning an integration to optimize speed is more of an art than a science, especially when you are looking for the sweet spot of diminishing returns. One of the biggest challenges when migrating large data sets is optimizing the integration to run as fast as possible, without running into resource limitations.

Dynamics Unified Interface Upgrades are Here!

Changes Are Coming to Dynamics
You may have recently received an email from Microsoft stating that change is coming and your Dynamics 365 environments will be automatically transitioned to the Dynamics Unified Interface within the next 30 days. While this may seem alarming, this is only an optional early transition; you still have control over when your environments are transitioned to the new interface before the final deadline of October 1, 2020.

What is the Dynamics Unified Interface?
As you may already know, the Unified Interface is the new user experience that Microsoft is mandating all Dynamics 365 environments put into use by October 2020. This interface ensures a smooth, consistent experience across all devices, whether you access Dynamics from your PC, phone, or tablet.