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Change Your LinkedIn Password

Change Your LinkedIn Password

There’s no one size fits all for the definition of the word HACKER.  Everyone hacks for a different reason.  In the case of LinkedIn the professional  social network company is finding out a breach of the network that happened in 2012 has fueled Hackers to sell 117 million login passwords on the black market.  But wait, why would this have any real big consequence?

People tend to reuse their passwords and now hackers can potentially gain access to email and bank accounts.  The original password heist was thought to be 6.5 million passwords.  Now this past Wednesday LinkedIn revealed it was much more.  What took so long for LinkedIn to figure out the real count of the password theft or acknowledge it publicly?  Computer security experts  are wondering the same thing.

Company’s protect customer passwords by using encryption but back in 2012 LinkedIn’s old security policy had a major flaw and now it’s scrambling to stop people from sharing stolen goods which is likely an impossible mission.  Although the company is reaching out to individual members affected we should all take safety and security seriously and change your LinkedIn password!

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