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Classic vs Modern SharePoint: Flattening your SharePoint Architecture

Classic vs Modern SharePoint: Flattening your SharePoint Architecture

Modern SharePoint sites have been out for a couple of years, and with them comes a new method of configuring your SharePoint infrastructure.  In the past, SharePoint sites often had multiple Main Sites and multiple levels of Sub Sites within each Main Site.  This made for a complex and often times confusing security model and navigation. Modern SharePoint encourages you to step away from this outdated model and into an easier, flatter model.

Sub Sites or Hub Sites?

Often times in Classic SharePoint models, one Site would have Multiple Sub Sites underneath it.  By default, Sub Sites inherit permissions from their parent.  Although this may seem beneficial at first glance, it can lead to many issues where users can inadvertently access files on Sub Sites they may not be supposed to access.  Additionally, site branding is not easy to pass down to your Sub Sites.  With the Modern SharePoint approach, you can create a Hub Site and tie other Sites up to it.  Security is not passed down from the Hub Site to the Sites, so no more worrying about inadvertent access issues.  Branding is easy with with Hub Sites; simply set the inheritance of a Site to it’s parent Hub Site!  Choose the flat, modern structure whenever possible, your end-users and fellow developers will thank you for it!

Modern Site Templates over Classic Site Templates

While there are quite a few more Classic Site templates than Modern site Templates, they lack some of the new functionality that Modern site Templates have.  Modern Sites have native integrations with other Microsoft apps such as Teams, OneNote, Power Automate, and more!  These Modern Sites have a simple and elegant design that can meet the majority of your site needs.  Looking for some functionality that currently only exists in a Classic Site Template?  No Problem.  Classic sites can live among Modern Sites just fine; you won’t need to choose between an entirely Classic approach or a Modern one!

Simplify, Enhance, Modernize

With Modern SharePoint, it’s easy to Simplify your site with a flat, easy to navigate structure. Out with the old, clunky SharePoint designs- use Modern Site Templates to Enhance the look and feel of your site with a simple and elegant design.  With the growing need of applications like Teams, Modernize your business with seamless integrations to the newest and most powerful Microsoft Applications.

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