ViperSoftX Malware Targets Password Managers

Multi Factor Authentication – The New Normal

Multi Factor Authentication – The New Normal

Multi-factor Authentication… This is a pain – I have to put my password in and THEN I get to answer a text and enter a code? OR I have to press another button OR approve a connection???

Why should I use Multi Factor Authentication ?

It’s simple – this is by far the best way to stop a hacker from accessing your account – EVEN IF they get your username and password. And they will. There is a good chance they can either buy it from someone with data from a major breach or they can rapidly crack (Guess) it using sophisticated tools. The possibility of your accounts getting compromised is a very real threat. If you consider a password composed of letters, numbers, and symbols, there are roughly 100 combinations per character. Then a five-character password will have 10 billion combinations, it seems like that might take a lot of time and computing power to get through, but a hacker can break a password like this in about 10 seconds.

What’s my motivation to use Multi Factor Authentication ?

Consider your motivations… if your bank account required you to use MFA, you would do so to protect your hard earned money. But we drive away the thought of data protection for business. all because it is an inconvenience. (OR no one has made the clear point that , in today’s world, MFA is becoming an essential. A necessity, if we are to stop the barbarians at the gate.)

Ransomware accounted for 41% of all Cyber Insurance claims in H1 this year. In 50% of those instances, the attack technique was email phishing. Realize though, even if you are phished and gave up your complete login credentials to a key account accidentally, MFA is still a good barrier to attacker success and can protect you.

Relatively simple to set up – but sometimes quite hard to adopt – you need this in place. As any conscientious Managed Services Provider is doing – we strongly recommend this to all our clients…

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