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Cloud Vision – can you see that far ahead? (hint – it’s not that far…)

I was asked by a prospect what our company's vision is for the next 5 years and 10 years. Standard vet the provider stuff... While I don't own the place, I do have a pretty good bead on that. (The boss is a self-proclaimed "idea man" and I'd like to think I will be a part of it...!)
The vision in 5 is to double in size but - more importantly - to be "All In" The Cloud. We are very much there now in the systems we use internally and our clients are following suit. It's just a good idea.

What is your vision for the next 5 years? I can tell you that eeeeeeeeeveryone out there is looking or moving. The stats don't lie. The most dramatic finding is that 92% of SMBs are now using at least one cloud business solution, and 87% already use at least one cloud infrastructure solution. stunning increases over the past 3 years have been seen. SaaS and PaaS are now almost the norm and not only for the big guys.

I asked about the next 5 years but that questions should be revised to "What is your cloud vision for the next 12 months?" That sounds like an really aggressive timetable to switch up your  game plan. right. Wrongo!!

Our philosophy on cloud is to migrate solutions on a shorter-term but predictable timetable - as on-premises servers and infrastructure age or accessibility needs dictate. Is your Exchange server old, full and dog slow because of huge mailboxes cos your VPs and C's insist on keeping everything they ever got in there? Maybe your line of business application is now available hosted? Maybe the newest version is better hosted in Microsoft Azure because your servers are insufficient or old? Could be that your Office 2010 licensing needs upgrade and you prefer to subscribe to Office 365 for a few bucks a month over thousands of dollars to get 40 users current. (Please remember 2010 was almost 5 years ago...)

Note that, to the end user, these changes are not changes (everything still works the same for them)  but to the bean counters and the IT crew - the cloud is a massive advantage in up time, accessibility, cost predictability, DR and more.

Whatever the reason and whatever the flavor - these things need proactive planning and a skilled, cloud-savvy partner to make it happen and happen smoothly. (Could be Beringer...!!) Whoever it is - we are all looking for evolution, not revolution...

So why not give us a call or email and see what your cloud vision could be in the next year, 5 years or 10. Email us at or call 800.796.4854.