Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Data Display Problem on iPad

We recently had a CRM online customer describe a “display problem” when using the Microsoft Dynamics iPad app to view CRM records.  When he opened a lookup field on an Opportunity record, the iPad showed possible record suggestions in a black bar running across the screen.  This is the expected behavior on the form. While the list of items showed 3 slots for field data, only the top one showed text, and the other two showed up as two hyphens instead of actual field data – like this:   “–”

After considerable testing and review, we found three things were needed to fix the “display” issue:

1. Recreating the Default Lookup View for the entity – removing the columns and putting them back.

Opp lookup view

2. Enabling the Opportunity entity for both “mobile” and “crm offline data.”

enable entity mobile offline

3. Ensuring that the first three columns in the Lookup View were populated with data – as these are the fields displayed the iPad lookup selections.

lookup view 1st three fields

Hope this helps if anyone else sees a similar problem in the MS Dynamics CRM app on iPad.

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