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Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates deliver organizational-wide benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates deliver organizational-wide benefits

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the more popular customer relationship management tools available, constantly updating to help businesses support their clients' needs with greater precision. The vendor is doing its part to make the platform even more effective for companies, releasing updates in 54 markets and 42 languages. A Microsoft press release explained that the latest improvements result in seamless integration for sales, marketing and customer care departments through various applications such as Yammer, Lync, SharePoint, Power BI, Skype and Office 365.

These upgrades should help the sales department immensely. The new release includes improvements to mobile devices including those running Windows 8, Android and iOS, allowing personnel to communicate and prepare for customer meetings by accessing notes anywhere at any time.

Microsoft also made improvements to Insights, integrating company and contact information from 30,000 sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Teams can use this data to more effectively engage prospects and serve their current customers by performing less searches for relevant content.

Social computing has become a key part of how businesses manage customer relationships. The improvements to Microsoft Dynamics CRM make it easier for companies to follow industry trends that are influencing their own campaigns and those of their competitors. Personnel can also visually see their interactions with clients through the Social Dashboard function.

The Platform features of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates should help administrators with server-side synchronization. The improvements make it easier for personnel to sync appointments, contacts, email and tasks between Outlook and the CRM suite. This means data is no longer separated between the two solutions, but unified, delivering greater access to end-users.

Customer Service
Timeliness is critical for any successful business-customer relationship. The Unified Service desk in the Customer Service section displays important metrics, including first call resolutions, average handling time and satisfaction rates, that are essential to supporting this partnership.

Not only can email, chat and voicemail be used through one interface, but multiple customer sessions can be handled simultaneously with the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates.

The marketing improvements to Microsoft Dynamics CRM are also helpful to various teams. The enhanced functionality allows personnel to establish a stronger sales pipeline to better manage lead acquisitions, distribution, scoring and segmentation across marketing and sales departments. Now, end-users can view engagement, demographics and behavioral data to gain greater insight into customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has come a long way
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, explained Microsoft Dynamics CRM has advanced significantly in recent years, especially regarding the company's cloud business. Companies can leverage this technology to always keep up with changing customer demands in evolving markets.

Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, indicated the latest updates will help organizations take advantage of important data. "We focused our development efforts on understanding what our customers need to deliver amazing customer experiences. We redesigned our user interface, implemented a six-month rapid release cycle, made three acquisitions and built many new features - all culminating in the wave of releases we are bringing to market today," Stutz said.

It's time to stop relying on old customer relationship models
Businesses still relying on employee notes and long Excel spreadsheets to keep track of critical customer information are doing themselves a big disservice, since solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM are much more effective at giving staff members access to sales and marketing information.

As Microsoft boasted, cloud computing is playing a major role in the overall functionality of its CRM solutions. Companies with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place can finally have an informed and agile workforce - both of which are essential to staff members in the field. Now, personnel can access a client's past order history and emails anywhere at any time right before a meeting to make sure they have the most current data available.

If your firm has relied on outdated customer relationship techniques in the past and are interested in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have come to the right place. At Beringer Associates, we have more than 20 years of helping clients achieve successful IT deployments and provide support after products are launched. We are a Certified Microsoft Partner, so we are always on top of the latest Microsoft upgrades so your business doesn't have to be. We will make any adjustments necessary based on your unique market and customer demands to ensure your Microsoft solutions take full advantage of new improvements. Our team of skilled professionals are available 24/7 to handle any and all of your inquiries.

If your organization wants a smooth and easy transition from outdated CRM to more modern options, contact us today.



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