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D365 security with Business Units

D365 security with Business Units

Do you have multiple regions that work inside your D365 organization?  If you do, you’ve probably taken advantage of grouping each into a separate Business Unit.  The advantage of doing this allows you to configure security roles. The security roles grant end users access to records only assigned in their region or all related child regions (if they are in a parent).  However, you may have a user, such as a Manager, that needs access to multiple Business Units which are not directly related to each other through the D365 hierarchy.  There is an easy way to accomplish this in D365.

Hierarchy of Business Units

Initially, your hierarchy of Business Units may look something where each Business Unit can only belong to one Parent.


Let’s say you have a Manager, Susan Anthony, who needs visibility of records assigned to the North America West US region as well as the North America East US region and its child regions.  The parent Business Unit for West and East is North America. It has 4 child Business Units in total.

Using Ownership Teams with Business Units

Security roles will not allow us to grant visibility to select child Business Units. However, we need to ensure Susan Anthony only has visibility of records assigned to her regions. There are a few different ways of accomplishing this in D365. I found that the most efficient way is to use a combination of Security Roles, Business Units and Ownership Teams.

First, place Susan Anthony in the East US Business Unit.  Next, give her a security role that grants her visibility to all records within her Business Unit as well as child Business Units.  To give her visibility to the West US Business Unit, create a new Ownership Team.  Assign the Ownership Team to the West US Business Unit, grant it Susan Anthony’s security role and then add her as a team member.  That’s it!  Now when Susan logs into D365, she will see records assigned within the West US Region, East US Region as well as its child regions, North US and South US:

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