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Optimizing Data Integrations

If you are tasked with integrating data, then you know there are a wide variety of challenges to overcome. If one of the challenges is dealing with very large data sets, then your design should be optimized for speed and performance.

I find Scribe Online is a great cloud based platform to migrate and transform data between systems, especially when working with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This product has a very intuitive interface. Scribe online can be configured to integrate data from disparate systems at high speeds. The latest release dubbed “Granite” now offers a deeper dive into each operation, and reveals which ones are slowing down the integration.

Optimizing Data Integrations

Here’s an integration map I built using Scribe Online. The map queries Dynamics 365 for the existence of a quote created by a foreign system. If it exists in Dynamics 365, then I’ll update it.

Once the integration has completed, you can view statistics.

Dive into the details, and you will discover that the Quote Lookup process accounts for almost 75% of the entire integration time.

Time to optimize the integration. Microsoft exposes an API call that will allow you to lookup  create update a record all in a single call. Scribe Online exposes this with their Upsert block.  Here’s what my optimized integration map now looks like:

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