Disaster Recovery – so many options, how to choose!

BDR smallWorking with clients who vacillate on choices of backup and disaster recovery is an interesting part of my job. Looking at automated onsite/offsite, manually managed solutions, file-level, image-level, desktop backups and other options. Cost is a concern and even distrust of online datacenters for some.

At the risk of beating a dead horse – it’s not the dollar cost – it’s the data loss. It’s like health insurance. Rest assured you will need coverage for medicine, treatments and doctors to address health issues at some point. Backup and disaster recovery is a way to have assurance that when all isn’t well with your network or infrastructure, it can be quickly and easily restored to health.

The 3 top choices:

1 – hard drives manually rotated offsite – images of all your network servers loaded to hard drives that you rotate to a firesafe in the basement at home or some other secured location. A bit of work and not so tight as storing your files online…

2 – backup of your files online in a datacenter or to Office 365 – similar dropbox or icloud that you use to save pictures for when you lose your phone – but the robust business version – please!
3 – The full boat automated onsite/offsite backup and disaster recovery solution with rapid local and/or online replacement server virtualization – everything you ever wanted for total peace of mind and business continuity, using the cloud.

We offer all these options and can assist you in determining the one that’s right for you and your organization, including your budget and risk tolerance. Your tolerance for downtime, data loss and recovery timeframes, compliance requirements, employee behaviors and more. How sick can you afford to be and for how long?

Beringer Associates is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner who works with organizations to determine and implement their disaster and business continuity strategy. Please attend this webinar to learn more about this topic on June 25.