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Drive your code-less integrations with data

Drive your code-less integrations with data

If you’ve coded an integration over the past couple of decades, then you have experienced the pain that comes with learning a legacy API. There were no consistent standards or structures, which complicated the learning path for developers. Thanks to the standardization and acceptance of the RESTful API, it’s become much easier for developers to consume and communicate with a foreign system. Instead of spending time structuring code to drive a legacy API, developers can now focus on structuring data to drive your RESTful API.  If you are ready to build your first code-less integration, then check out my top three keys to success.

Build your integration on an iPaaS solution

An iPaaS solution is a cloud-based service that visualizes data and application integration. They provide an intuitive, code-free graphical interface, making it easier to build and support my integrations. Check out two of my favorites: Scribe Online and Microsoft Logic Apps.

Utilize an API development environment

An API development environment like Postman is a great tool to help you learn how an API works. I use these tools to test a new API with some of the simple GET verbs, so I can see what type of data is returned and how it is structured. I then use this knowledge to start designing payloads to create and update records.

Know your Swagger

Swagger is an open source framework that helps developers design, build, document, and consume RESTful Web services. Once you download the API’s swagger, you can use it to help train your iPaaS solution. If the swagger is not available, then you can feed a sample JSON dataset into a transformer like to help build it. I’ve discovered that API’s and transformers don’t always provide perfect swagger, and find myself in situations where I need to edit \ create my own.

Reach out to Beringer Technology Group today

We love to implement cloud applications and integrate data here at Beringer Technology Group. We have a tremendous amount of experience working with iPaaS solutions, and we’re always finding innovative ways to help smooth the transition to the cloud. I hope that you have your head in the clouds, and are embracing cloud technology.

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