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Dynamics 365 for Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a full marketing automation application. The tagline for this product is “help turn prospects into business relationships.” The app works well and is comparable to most marketing automation platforms widely available in the marketplace. Here are some high-level features that set Dynamics 365 for Marketing apart from the rest (and a few that are offered across many marketing automation platforms):

  • Connect with LinkedIn. Work with and import leads generated from LinkedIn’s lead gen tools directly in Dynamics 365.
  • AI, Reporting & Dashboards. There are some pretty impressive AI-driven insights incorporated in the Dynamics 365 for Marketing offering. Dashboards are built on Power BI platforms and exposed in Dynamics 365.
  • Marketing Return on Investment Analysis. Robust metrics roll up to dashboards and reports designed to help track performance on your campaigns and initiatives.
  • Lead Scoring. Set up automated lead-scoring rules that will automatically identify hot leads based on how they are interacting with your marketing collateral. As such, reps can then prioritize leads based on brand interaction!
  • Interactive Customer Journeys. While these are not a unique idea to Marketing Automation (it essentially works just like ClickDimensions Campaign Automations), I like their take to how to craft the Customer Journey. If you’re already a Dynamics 365 System Administrator, the design of these will feel extremely comfortable, as it is echoed off of Business Rule and Business Process Flow canvas design.
  • Segmentation. Set up different segments to support all of your marketing activities.

Prerequisites & Considerations

In order to get started using Dynamics 365 for Marketing, there are a few prerequisites, requirements and considerations:

  • You must be running Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.0 or higher
  • You need an available Portal instance (if you will use Portal to host your events, webpages and surveys)
  • Pricing tiers are dependent upon Customer Engagement Licensing (for existing Dynamics 365 Customers)

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