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Dynamics 365 – Mobile Controls Part 3: OptionSets, SubGrids, and Multimedia Controls

Dynamics 365 – Mobile Controls Part 3: OptionSets, SubGrids, and Multimedia Controls

Here at Beringer, we strive to stay ahead of the curve on new developments with the Microsoft Dynamics platform. In this fast-paced technical climate, it is crucial to stay knowledgeable about upcoming changes in tech. As CRM transitions to the new Dynamics 365 platform, there are plenty of new features to keep us busy. Today, I'd like to show you an exciting new set of Mobile Controls in Dynamics 365.

Available since Dynamics CRM 2016, these new Mobile Controls are intended to add some color and new functionality to the Mobile Experience for CRM. The Mobile Controls give Users an interactive way to add data where typing may not be the best way to gather data. The Mobile Controls also aim to control the data formatting so that it enters CRM in the correct format for data consistency.

The last set of Controls I'm going to highlight are the remaining Mobile Controls available for the CRM Mobile App. The controls we will cover are OptionSet, Flip Switch, Timeline, Editable Grid, and the Multimedia Control.

Option Set

The OptionSet Control for field types of the same name changes the Drop Down input style to a set of buttons. The number of buttons are easier to select on a touch-based device than a drop down.

Flip Switch

Two Option field types have a toggle type functionality, which is shown below in the Flip Switch Control. Use this to have Users tap and change between two values for a particular field


The Calendar might be familiar, as it has been in the CRM ecosystem for a few years now. The Control replaces the typical Read-Only SubGrid for a time based view of related entities. Below are two screenshots shown for the Mobile Phone and Tablet Formats for the My Activities View

Editable Grid

The exciting new Editable Grid Control is also available for Mobile! Mobile Users can edit the values on child entities direct from a parent record. Below is a screen capture of a Contact Subgrid where I am changing the value in the Email column

Multimedia Control

Finally, the Multimedia Control adds the ability to watch introductory information or videos from a client's website to familiarize your Users before they meet with a client. You can even place your own content for Training and various other purposes, right in the CRM Mobile app!


Thanks for reading my highlight of the new Mobile controls for Dynamics 365. You can find more on Mobile Controls at the link below

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