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Overcoming the Limitations of Calculated and Rollup Fields in Dynamics 365

Overcoming the Limitations of Calculated and Rollup Fields in Dynamics 365

There comes a time when the needs of a CRM System outpace the out of the box functionality of Dynamics 365.  While Dynamics 365 provides a vast framework from which one could build highly customized solutions for a variety of users, there may come a time when custom plug-ins are required to meet the needs of an organization.

Calculated and rollup fields can do a lot with some simple configuration. Beringer Technology Group Custom Workflows can enhance your calculations further.

Calculated and Rollup fields are quite powerful tools that can perform complex calculations.  But what if you need 50 calculated fields all on one form, on one entity?  What if you need to "chain" together multiple calculated fields into one long calculation?  The standard functionality of Dynamics 365 has a limited amount of calculated fields that can exist on a single entity and chaining them together can be difficult.

Custom workflow Plug-ins can solve and expand functionality of calculations in Dynamics 365.

Beringer Technology Group has developed an array of custom workflow steps that can be used to perform complex calculations.  These enhancements have an unlimited capacity per entity and can be chained together with ease.

The simplicity of the BTG Custom Workflow Steps

The design is simple: each calculation is performed as a workflow step.  Fields are added as dynamic values into the workflow step. The result of the workflow step can be used as a value in an update step or in another calculation.  This plug-in supports calculations for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, aggregating (the equivalent of a rollup), and more.

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