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Dynamics 365 User Adoption: Why aren’t they using it?

Dynamics 365 User Adoption: Why aren’t they using it?

There is most likely a pain point that your users have in their daily job (which is often times NOT in CRM). Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find that pain and use technology (CRM!) to automate it! There are a number of ways to accomplish this and increase user adoption at your organization:

  • Job shadow (great for Customer Service Reps & Inside Sales Reps)
  • Ride along (Salespeople)
  • Look for manual Excel reporting they are providing to their manager

Spending the time with your end users to really understand why they are not using CRM can pay huge dividends in user adoption.

Once you have identified this pain, leverage the technology of Dynamics 365 to solve their issue! There are many ways to do this - but remember to strive to maintain data integrity, configure your system with a focus on simplicity and customize with end users in mind.

Need help figuring out how to determine why your end users are not using CRM today? We are User Adoption experts at Beringer Technology Group. Let us help you make sure you don't miss the mark when it comes to User Adoption.

This blog is part of a series that will focus on a deep dive in User Adoption. User Adoption is so very important in a CRM implementation and often overlooked. So, what can you do to help encourage adoption for a system? Over the next several months, we will look at ten ways to help with User Adoption at your organization.

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