Dynamics 365 Portal Component Overview

Portal configuration can be a big undertaking, with many different Dynamics records that make up just one portal web page.  What are Web Templates? Entity Forms? Entity Form Metadata? All of these record types and more are needed to build a Portal Web Page, and together they act as the structure to your portal. Read on for a Dynamics 365 Portal component overview.

Dynamics 365 Portal Component Overview

Your Portal sitemap will look something like the image above.  Let’s dive into the most common portal components.  Note that some components are not used or used differently for highly customized portals.

The Web Page

The Web Page is the final piece in a potentially long string of related records that displays the actual Portal Web Page that a User will see.  Almost all other portal components make up what a web page displays and how it’s data is structured.

The Entity Form and Web Form

These two components determine how a Dynamics record is displayed within a portal Web Page. Web Forms take this a step further and allow for conditional Web Page Navigation logic.

Entity List

Entity Lists allow for a full-page view of records on a Web Page.  Think of them as Subareas on Dynamics 365’s Sitemap.  Entity Lists can be customized to include multiple views and search functionality.

Web Template and Page Template

Think of these two components as the style and structure of a Web Page or group of Web Pages. The Web Template is where Liquid code, CSS and HTML can be added to structure the Web Page’s content to provide a consistent theme throughout your portal.

Web Links and Web Link Sets

Web Link Sets allow you to group together a set of URLs, which are often used for Web Page Navigation. A Web Link Set consists of one or more Web Links, which hold links to Web Pages.

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