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Dynamics 365 Sandbox Sitemap

Dynamics 365 Sandbox Sitemap

Microsoft offers the ability to create a free Sandbox with your subscription of Dynamics 365 online.  The setup of Sandbox requires only a few clicks and offers both your developers and super users a chance to test new functionality BEFORE it hits your production instance.  Once your Sandbox is setup, it will automatically be placed in Administration mode.  Administration mode simply means that only Users with the System Administrator or System Customizer security role can access this instance.  You can easily turn this off if your company does not require it.

As of Dynamics 365 Version 1612 (, there is a temporary glitch that hides the Sitemap when your Sandbox is in Administration mode.  The Sitemap consists of tiles that you see in the top command bar which allow you to easily navigate to different areas such as Sales, Service, Marketing and so on.

If you are currently experiencing this issue, there are a couple of workarounds:

  1. Disable Administration Mode
  2. When logging in each time, click on the Dynamics 365 logo (or your company logo) in the top left corner

Either option will allow your Sitemap to correctly be displayed in Sandbox.  Please note that these workarounds are only needed temporarily.  Microsoft is aware of the issue and will be releasing a fix for it in their next patch update.


For more information on creating your Sandbox or adjusting your settings, check out the following TechNet article: Manage Dynamics 365 (online) Sandbox instances

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