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How to customize Windows 11

How to customize Windows 11

Windows 11 has a unique interface that is different than what users are used to. Although you can't make it look exactly like Windows 10 we can get pretty close. Below we will go over some changes to make you feel more comfortable with the interface and show you how to customize Windows 11 for your specific needs.

Start Menu Location

One of the most obvious changes is the relocation of the start menu. In Windows 10 is was in the left hand corner but now it is centered in the middle. Thankfully this is easy to change.

Open the Windows Start menu and then the Settings app. In Settings, navigate to Personalization, then Taskbar, and open Taskbar behaviors. You’ll see a field labeled Taskbar alignment with a drop-down menu. Change the drop-dox menu from Center to Left.

Remove new icons

Windows 11 has added some new icons to the taskbar. These include Search, Task View, Widgets, and Chats. If they aren't used frequently they can just clutter the user experience. These are also in the Taskbar section of Personalization settings. You will see a list labeled “Taskbar items” that includes four options: SearchTask viewWidgets, and Chat. Use the toggles next to each to turn all four icons off.

Start menu design

Unfortunately there is no way to completely revert the start menu to look like Windows 10 without a 3rd party application. However there is a free application called Open-Shell which lets you accomplish just that. This application replaces the start menu to look like previous versions of windows.

Change icons

The taskbar icons in Windows 11 are quite similar to Windows 10, so you might not feel the need to change them. Other icons throughout the operating system are significantly different.

First, download a Windows 10 icon pack. A variety of these can be found online: I used a Windows 10 Build 10125 icon pack. Place your icons in a folder you can conveniently remember.

Let’s start with desktop icons. Open the Settings app, select Personalization, open Themes, and then Desktop Icons. A menu will appear with the five usual desktop icons present. Click an icon you want to change and then tap Change icon. Navigate to where you placed the icon pack, select the icon you want to use, and then tap Open.

You can also change the icons of individual folders and shortcuts. Right-click on an item and open Properties, then head to the Customize tab. At the bottom you’ll see the Change Icon button. Click it and select an icon you’d like to use.

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